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The Top 57 Star Trek Episodes According to Alice - Page 5

Janeway says goodbye to Caylem as he is dying

#21 Resistance

This episode with Joel Grey is a heartwarming and emotional rollercoaster. He is a class act and well-matched with Kate Mulgrew. He’s so funny and sincere. The relationship between him and Captain Janeway is what connects me emotionally to this story, and his sacrifice and her reaction are something I like to experience.

B'Elanna and Tom have been interrupted by Vorik

#20 Blood Fever

I love B’Elanna and Tom’s relationship, and this is a delightful twist on the Vulcan mating pon farr story. It is perfect that B’Elanna is the one to enter into the ritual fight to end their pon farr. And we again learn that Tom isn’t such a rascal after all.

B'Elanna is helping Kelis with his play

#19 Muse

As I said earlier, I loved Greek and Roman myths when I was young, and since then, I’ve learned more about the early days of theater. This episode where B’Elanna lands on a planet that is in their ancient Greek days of theater really enchanted me. The storyteller needs a story, and B’Elanna has a great one for him. The story, the relationships, and the magical ending make me feel good inside.

Spock mind melding with the Horta

#18 The Devil in the Dark

When I was in college, we had a sort of Star Trek club that would meet in our dorm room to watch the reruns in the afternoon. We all tried to memorize the lyrical speech from Spock’s mind-meld with the Horta. “Sadness. Sadness for the end of things.” It’s a great speech. I really like that it explores the idea of life based on silicon and expands the idea of thinking about other creatures as sentient beings. And then there is a way that a beneficial relationship can be developed from understanding others better. Awesome episode.

Picard has tea with Rishon and Kevin

#17 The Survivors

The best thing in this episode is John Anderson. He’s been around for years on TV, and I had seen him many times before this, but he is stellar in this episode. I also liked Anne Haney very much in other shows, and she shines in this as well. Their relationship is so touching, and it’s more poignant when you find out what really happened. A well-written and well-acted story that touches the heart.

Data and his offspring Lal shortly before she ceases to function

#16 The Offspring

Data is a dad? I was surprised at how much this episode touched me. Who would’ve thought that a relationship between two robots could pull at the heartstrings so? I didn’t know Hallie Todd (who plays Lal) before this, but she is marvelous, and the relationship between her and Data is charming and touching. This was Jonathan Frakes’ first directing opportunity, and he did a great job.

Kang talks with Dax

#15 Blood Oath
ST:DS9 S2 E19

I was not a big fan of Klingons before Deep Space 9, but they really did a great job expanding on the Klingon culture, and this was the beginning of that. I’m also not keen on bringing back old characters (I’d rather see new ones), but they did a super job with bringing back Kor, Koloth, and Kang for a mission with Dax, with a story that did not feel contrived. Terry Farrell shows how tough she could be as Jadzia Dax. I remember that my therapist at the time, who was in a Klingon club, came to the house one time for a session, and afterward we watched this together. She was thrilled by this amazing Klingon episode.

Troi holding newborn Ian

#14 The Child

I am aware that many find this episode problematic because the alien didn’t ask Troi’s consent before impregnating her. But it feels okay to me because there was never any physical pain for her, and the alien was not trying to control or gain power over her, which is the real problem with rape. The alien just didn’t know how else to communicate with humans. This episode makes me “feel the feels” of a mother loving their child, the pain of loss, and the generosity of sacrifice. This was the first episode where I felt that I really loved The Next Generation.

Sisko and Jake embrace after being reunited

#13 The Visitor
ST:DS9 S4 E3

I love the relationship between Sisko and Jake. It’s so refreshing to have a father-son relationship that isn’t full of anger. This episode was particularly poignant because the accident that keeps them apart affects each of them differently, and each is willing to make a sacrifice for the other. Their reunion at the end is joyful for all of us.

Grownup Molly shows young Molly the way home

#12 Time’s Orphan
ST:DS9 S6 E24

The relationship between O’Brien and Keiko is another surprisingly wonderful gift from Deep Space 9. And their daughter, Molly, is a special treat because she's adorable. Imagine my surprise that when she experiences time travel and shows up as a grown-up, the actress, Michelle Krusiec, was from my favorite show on the Travel Channel: Travelers. She’s gone on to do great things, but she made this episode one of my favorites because I believe she is Molly, who grew up wild and yet still loves her parents. Their sacrifice of sending her back to her world is believable and touching. And then Molly sees her younger self and sends her back to her time. Very cool!

The DS9 crew head to the holosuite for the heist

#11 Badda-Bing, Badda-Bang
ST:DS9 S7 E15

I’ve never seen any of the Ocean’s Eleven (or Twelve, etc.) movies. I don't enjoy heist movies or gangster movies. But I love this episode because I love James Darren and how this episode gets everyone to work together. At the same time, Sisko requires us to look at the reality of what this era was like and to question the morality of all of this. It’s a wonderful tour-de-force for everyone, and then to get to hear Sisko sing with Vic—that’s the cherry on top!

Zefram Cochran and the Companion/Commissioner Hedford together at last

#10 Metamorphosis

I don’t like the movie First Contact, and one reason is because I love this episode so much. The Zefram Cochran in that movie is nothing like the guy in this episode, and I really like this guy. Elinor Donahue is brilliant in this as the ambassador and then the Companion. The lyrical way the Companion speaks, the sacrifice she makes for Cochran, and the concept of having to communicate with a non-material being all combine to make this an extra-special episode.

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