Cosmos Merch banner image Cosmos Merch banner image
Remain Wanton in rainbow letters

Remain Wanton Merch

This design came to me in a dream and it had to become a reality. My daughter helped to make it so! Mugs, tees, and more are available.

Image showing brain being washed in a beaker

Brainwashed by Science Tees

I hired someone via Fiverr to make this design after a comment from a teacher criticizing us for being brainwashed by science. I thought, “Darn tootin’ I’m brainwashed by science!”

Mummo and Lummo teas logo banner

Mummo and Lummo Teas

We decided to design our own teas based on the games we have played and streamed together. They are delicious! Courtesy of Adagio Teas.